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Educational assets are a niche investment that include charter schools, private schools, early childhood learning and universities. Invest Capital Group has a proven track record of acquiring and developing over 40 schools. Invest Capital Group works with school operators to either retrofit existing buildings or build and develop new schools. 
Charter schools offer free education, created as an alternative to the traditional public school to bridge the gap between private and public schools. There are approximately 7,500 charter schools in the United States. Over the past 10 years, enrollment in charter schools has grown from 1.3 million to 3.2 million students.
Private schools are independent schools that charge tuition for a more specialized curriculum. Private schools can set their own criteria for enrollment, have no residential boundary restrictions, and can provide a better educational experience for the student.

Track Record



Charter School

Boca Raton, FL


34,310 SF / 3,188 m2


Boynton Beach Charter School

Palm Beach, FL


55,300 SF / 5,140 m2


Coral Springs Charter School

Coral Springs, FL

64,000 SF / 6,000 m2

Renaissance 3.jpg

Renaissance Charter School

Coral Springs, FL


115,000 SF / 10,700 m2


Opa Locka Charter School

Opa Locka, FL


45,000 SF / 4,180 m2


Plantation Charter School

Plantation, FL

129,500 SF / 12,000 m2


Cooper City

Charter School

Cooper City, FL


72,500 SF / 6,850 m2


Kids Community College Charter

Tampa, FL


48,300 SF / 19,600 m2


Wynwood Charter School

Miami, FL

60,000 SF / 9,300 m2

Kissimmee - Charter School.jpg

Kissimmee Charter School

Kissimmee, FL


74,900 SF / 7,000 m2



Charter School

Tamarac, FL


105,000 SF / 42,500 m2


Wellington Charter School

Wellington, FL

90,000 SF / 8,400 m2

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